License Plate Bingo

Going on a road trip this year? Bingo is fun for all ages!

How to Play

  • Play as individuals, or form teams.
  • Once the game has begun, keep your eyes on the road and try to spot as many license plates from different states as you can.
  • The first person to spot an out-of-state plate has to say so. Be sure to announce and keep a record of your sightings!
  • The game can go on for as long as you want – from stop to stop or state to state!
  • When everyone decides that the game has ended, the player or team that saw the most plates wins!


Try different variations of License Plate Bingo to keep the fun going for miles and miles:

  • Award more points for more distant states. For example, a car from two states over could win an extra point. A car from the other side of the country could win five points!
  • Break the game into categories. For example, one player may be assigned to states from the Southwest, while another might be on the lookout for plates from New England.
  • Take it international! The first player to see a Canadian license plate wins!