Smokey Robinson

You don't become one of the most beloved and influential figures in music history overnight.

In 2009, Smokey Robinson proved this point, celebrating his 50th anniversary in the music business and the 50th Anniversary of Motown Records. He’s logged 37 Top 40 Hits in his career and has received numerous awards in his long career in the business, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a Grammy Award for “Best R&B Performance, Male,” and The Soul Train Music Award for Career Achievement. Smokey has also been inducted to the Songwriter Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

To this day, radio stations, jukeboxes, iPods, movie soundtracks and the absent-minded humming of myriad music fans are alight with Smokey Robinson’s melodies.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
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Now and Then

Cracker Barrel is pleased to present Now and Then. This exclusive CD features 12 songs. Six are live versions of his well-known Smokey Robinson classics and the other six are from his 2009 CD, Time Flies When You're Having Fun.

  1. Time Flies
  2. Don't Know Why
  3. Girlfriend
  4. One Time
  5. That Place
  6. Love Bath
  7. Going to a Go-Go (Live)
  8. I Second That Emotion
  9. Ooo Baby Baby (Live)
  10. The Tears of a Clown (Live)
  11. Being With You (Live)
  12. The Tracks of My Tears (Live)