The Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters wrap their flawless harmonies around songs that evoke the timeless feel of classic country, folk and Americana music

Secret Sisters

About a 20-minute drive is all that separated The Secret Sisters from being born in historic Muscle Shoals, Alabama, though its sheer proximity to their hometown of Greenhill practically foretold that Laura and Lydia Rogers were destined for lives as recording and performing artists.  With their sophomore album, Put Your Needle Down [Republic Records], The Secret Sisters’ future has never seemed clearer.

That future has also expanded with the release of Put Your Needle Down: Deluxe Edition, available exclusively at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® locations and The Deluxe Edition contains two bonus songs.

“We both have a soft spot for meals at Cracker Barrel, and keep your eyes peeled… just might see us in your local Cracker Barrel when we’re on tour.”

Hometown: Muscle Shoals, AL
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Put Your Needle Down Deluxe Edition

Put Your Needle Down was recorded at the famed Village Recorder in Los Angeles, with The Secret Sisters singing live alongside a five-piece band.

There is still an aura of mystery that surrounds The Secret Sisters. But with Laura and Lydia, one thing is for certain:  integrity and honesty will guide every note.

  1. Rattle My Bones
  2. Luka
  3. Dirty Lie
  4. The Pocket Knife
  5. Let There Be Lonely
  6. Black and Blue
  7. Lonely Island
  8. I Cannot Find a Way
  9. If I Don't
  10. Good Luck, Good Night, Goodbye
  11. Bad Habit
  12. River Jordan
  13. You've Got It Wrong - previously unreleased
  14. Next Sunday - previously unreleased