Dailey & Vincent

The multi-talented and award winning bluegrass duo.

Daily and Vincent Alive! in Concert
The chance to perform live is always thrilling for Dailey & Vincent. Amp up the experience by adding a 50-piece orchestra and a choral group 100 strong - as they did for the towering centerpiece of their new Cracker Barrel Old Country Store exclusive CD Dailey & Vincent - ALIVE! In Concert. Even critically acclaimed veterans like Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent can be overcome by the moment. “That’s what I enjoyed more than anything – the big production of it,” Dailey said.

“When you’ve got that many great singers and players around you, it’s like there’s really no way you can mess up because they carry you so easily and they make your job so much easier to showcase your entertainer abilities, your vocal abilities, your instrumental abilities. Just having those guys around you kind of gives it an old feel. I almost felt like Frank Sinatra sometimes having those orchestras around us and those choral groups around us. It was one of the most wonderful feelings on earth. I hope that makes its way over to the people who buy it and watch it. I hope they feel the same way.”

The album’s meant to capture the songs fans request most often, but also to share a connection over themes that are universal for the band and its fans.

“I would like for the listener to listen with open mind and open ears and live inside these songs,” Dailey said. “Let their minds live these songs like I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee and  American Pride when they hear them, let the songs carry them on a trip with beautiful lyrics that tell a story. To me that’s what music should do. To me as a singer, writer and producer, that’s what it should be all about.”

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Dailey & Vincent Alive! in Concert

Dailey & Vincent - ALIVE! In Concert is the third exclusive collaboration between Dailey & Vincent and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, and by far the most ambitious. Formed in 2007, Dailey & Vincent has become one of acoustic music’s most popular bands, blending crowd-pleasing bluegrass, folk, gospel, and country songs in new ways they simply like to call “Dailey & Vincent music.”

Fans have been asking for a project like Dailey & Vincent - ALIVE! In Concert for some time. The CD and DVD capture the group’s dynamic live show in a way that will be new to longtime fans and a spectacle for first-time listeners and viewers. The concert was a passion project for the band.

  1. We Are All Here to Learn
  2. I Will Leave My Heart in Tennessee
  3. Nine Yards
  4. Simple Man
  5. Mississippi River
  6. Oh Baby Mine
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Alabama Blue
  9. I Believe
  10. Cumberland River
  11. Beyond Romance
  12. American Pride
  13. Till They Came Home
  14. Less of Me

The Gospel Side of Dailey & Vincent

The Gospel Side of Dailey & Vincent features new songs brimming with inspirational messages and melodies as well as popular favorites that the duo performs in their shows. The CD is an inspiring collection of long-time favorites along with new offerings including “Living in the Kingdom of God” written by Jamie Dailey and “Until At Last I’m Home” written by Darrin Vincent, Jim Britton and Brad Price.
  1. Living in the Kingdom of God
  2. Eternal Vacation
  3. Peace That Covers All The Pain
  4. Cast Aside
  5. Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord
  6. Family Bible
  7. The Fourth Man in the Fire
  8. Until at Last Im Home
  9. Cross Over to the Other Side of Jordan
  10. Come Back to Me
  11. Welcome Home
  12. Daddy Sang Bass