Edens Edge

Presenting the Deluxe Edition debut album from Edens Edge, whose sound honors country music’s roots while pushing harmonies to new heights.

When it comes to making great music, kindred spirits somehow seem to find each other and such is the case with Edens Edge. Three talented young musicians from Arkansas -- Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner, and Cherrill Green --make their debut on Big Machine Records with a vibrant sound that honors country music’s roots while creatively pushing the envelope with their seasoned musicianship, dazzling harmonies and insightful songwriting.

With one listen to Edens Edge, it’s obvious the trio has forged a unique sound shaped by their individual influences and anchored in their own distinctive gifts. Each grew up in rural Arkansas where farming, faith and family provided a firm foundation and offered a springboard for their musical aspirations.


Eden's Edge - Deluxe Edition
Edens Edge - Deluxe Edition

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music program is proud to release a deluxe edition of hot newcomers Edens Edge’s debut album. The release of Edens Edge - Deluxe Edition coincides with Big Machine Records’ self-titled, standard edition - both available beginning June 12. The Arkansas-bred band is comprised of lead vocalist Hannah Blaylock; harmony vocals, guitar and dobro player Dean Berner; and harmony singer, mandolin, banjo and guitar player Cherrill Green. Collectively, they penned half of the songs on the project as well as three exclusive tracks for the deluxe version which is available at all Cracker Barrel locations and at crackerbarrel.com. This marks the first time the brand has ever released the deluxe version on the same day as the artists’ nationwide release.

Amen (Skip Black, Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Gerald O'Brien)
Skinny Dippin' (Dean Berner, Laura Veltz, Vince Melamed)
Last Supper (Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Danny Myrick)
Who Am I Drinking Tonight (Hannah Blaylock, Laura Veltz)
Cherry Pie (Dean Berner, Vince Melamed, Laura Veltz)
Roots (Cherrill Green, Catt Gravitt, Skip Black)
Wherever I Go (Hannah Blaylock, Joy Williams, Danny Myrick, Jennifer Schott)
Swingin' Door (Terry Clayton, Brett James, Ashley Monroe)
Too Good To Be True (Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey, Troy Verges)
Feels So Real (Angelo, Hillary Lindsey, Tia Sellers)
Liar (Andy Stochansky, Laura Veltz)
Christ Alone (Steve Smith)
Little Bird (Dean Berner)