Live or Lure: The Great Fishing De-Bait

Jun 27, 2011

Live or Lure: The Great Fishing De-Bait

While you don’t have to hunt very hard to find one veteran fisherman who swears by worms or another who’ll claim spinners are the way to go, the truth is that the there really isn’t an argument. It’s never so much of an issue as to whether live or lure is better. It’s more of an issue as to what the fish are biting on, because for almost any live bait you might consider, you’ll find a whole slew of lures that match them, as well as a bewildering selection of scents to add to those lures, should you be so inclined.

That said, we’re of the opinion that for beginning anglers, live bait is a better way to go. Whether you’re trying to entice a native brown trout out of a deep hole, or snare the attention of an elusive largemouth bass, the natural motion of live worms or baitfish is an attraction that your target finds hard to resist.

On the other hand, if you have some experience at casting, lures such as plugs, jigs and spinners can allow you to cover more water more swiftly. Rattling lures, in particular, can draw fish from a wider area and the sweeps of your cast almost always include greater expanses than when fishing with live bait.

One thing can be said for lures that can’t be said for live bait, though. If you master the difficult art of fly-fishing, you’ll be able to present patterns such as small insects that simply wouldn’t ever work as live bait.

In the end, there’s no deciding this particular fishing debate. Different species, different waters and different weather all require their own unique tackle.