Great Games to Get the Kids Off the Couch

May 16, 2011

TV and video games may make terrific distractions for kids, but for truly family interaction and fun, why not introduce them to some nearly forgotten pastimes?

Three Great Games to Get the Kids Off the Couch

Hopscotch is great exercise and wonderfully portable, and if the scale of the court is right, kids and adults alike can find themselves on a fairly level playing field. The game of foursquare is also a time-honored playground favorite, as is Chinese jumprope.

For older children in larger groups, consider introducing them to the game of Sardines, a variant of hide and seek where one child hides, the others hunt for her, but then whoever finds her has to join her while the others keep looking until all children but one are hiding.

Capture the Flag also works very well for larger groups, as does Kick the Can. While all of these games used to be standard fare in suburban and city communities, they’ve largely been lost in modern life. Reintroducing them at your next picnic or family reunion may provide some extra giggles and exercise and help revive some terrific childhood traditions.